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Patio Design

One day, about 6pm, I received a call after about 3 continuous days of rain.

“Hey Brad, sorry to bother you so late. Our yard is a sloppy mess. We feel like we’re trapped inside. The dogs’ feet are always muddy. And our concrete patio is frequently underwater. Can you help?”

I stopped out the next afternoon. We discovered the pitch of the patio was set improperly so water regularly collected on it, leaving it stained with silt. Because of the frequent flooding the grass could not grow in the area, and the dogs of course, loved jumping in this giant mud puddle.

We tore out the old construction, patched the lawn, and put in a beautiful gray paver patio, expanding the outdoor living space greatly. We added drainage beneath it to make sure ponding would never occur.

It looks amazing. And not only has it solved the mud problem, it’s given him and his wife new place to relax and dine that they weren’t able to enjoy before.

If you have been considering a new patio for your yard, give us a call today.

We offer hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, so you get something that beautifully complements the colors and architecture of your home.

And we’d be happy to meet you onsite to discuss your ideas and review the opportunities in your yard!


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