Winter’s Gone, Game On

Spring Clean Up

As springtime approaches and the weather starts to get a little better, you may have started thinking of cleaning up, mulching and getting a fresh landscape for the new season!

Here’s what our Spring Maintenance services include: 

  1. Clean-up of spare leaves, weeds, and all the other debris cluttering your yard. While also doing its job of making your yard look prettier, it also prevents leaves and other plant material from rotting in your yard. Rotting leaves = mold and mildew, and that’s before they attract annoying pests and interfere with the sunlight and air circulation in the beds. 
  1. Edging– which is basically adding a frame around the landscapes areas. Deep edging done well will serve to hold back grass roots and weeds from sneaking into your bed, while making mowing your yard easier. 
  1. Mulching. This is the key to bed health for the rest of the year. A layer of fresh mulch helps the soil retain moisture and resist the hot temperatures, which is necessary in the summer heat. It also delivers healthy microbes and nutrients to the soil that supports the plants. And it makes the beds look sharp and neat! 

We are heading into our busiest time of year and encourage you to contact us today to grab your spot on the schedule for Spring Maintenance.  

And if you’d like to talk further about a design work (landscapes or hardscapes), book a call with a designer here! 

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