Why the Money’s in the Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Often I talk to customers who are looking to increase their home value prior to sale.

Whenever customers ask me what they should work on first for property value, I say curb appeal. By that I mean, how people approach the home, and feel drawn inside.

It’s not just the view from the road. 
It’s the feel that people have when they pull up in the driveway and start heading for the door. A nice, inviting flow to the front door makes it feel welcoming and natural for you to get inside.

You’ve been there before – visited a home where you weren’t sure which door they wanted you to use or the best way to get there. Maybe you end up walking through the grass to get there. It’s awkward and it doesn’t help curb appeal one bit. 
And it’s just as bad at night when it’s not lit well enough to see where you’re going.

In fact, curb appeal is so significant that 76% of realtors say it’s the most important part of listing a home for sale.

And it starts with an attractive walkway.

Some of the most common types of walkways we install are pavers, brick and natural stone. We have experienced masons on staff that do an excellent job, and it really makes a massive difference.

And we can install landscape lighting to accent the plants, home, and walks perfectly.

Summer is a good time to do this project, with spans of dry days. We can get these projects done quickly and efficiently.

And while I’m not a realtor, this is definitely one of those kinds of projects that usually pays for itself in significant ROI.

It would be my pleasure to meet you onsite and show you options for your goals, budget, and landscape. Book an estimate today!

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