What’s that Delightful Smell?


The first delivery if fresh mulch always seems to smell the most powerful!

It’s because it is powerful.

That mulch is MAGIC on flower beds.  

“Magic?” You ask. Yes – I’ll tell you why:
It’s nature’s very own strategy. The natural forest floor is covered with the same leaves, twigs, fruits, branches, and decomposing plants that make up the composition of your mulch, meaning they create the same layer of litter that protects the soil of the forest floor from erosion and extreme weather conditions. 

Plants love it. Mulch can do a lot to make your garden look nice, but the real benefit is in how it makes your plants feel. It helps your plants in ways like improving soil texture, keeping weeds under control, adding microbes and nutrients, and conserving water.  

Soil loves it too.  It insulates soil and regulates soil temperature, acts as a barrier between the sun’s UV rays and your plants (transforming the UV rays into less powerful heat rays), and acts as a temperature barrier – in the heat it reduces maximum temperatures and in the cold it decreases the constant freeze-and-thaw cycles that cause damage to your plants. 

Schedule your mulching today and we’ll also clean out the beds, pull weeds and conduct 
any needed pruning while we’re there! 

Your yard will look amazing when we’re done!
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