What’s HOT: 2021Trends in Landscape Design

Flower Garden

It’s been a long COVID season, with a lot of folks still spending a bit more time at home than they used to.

Funny that since the pandemic you can conduct a business video call from your own back patio without raising any eyebrows!

And with beautiful warm weather, why not spend it outside?

So with all the new interest in the outdoors, new design trends emerge:

Untamed Gardens. We’ve gone away with the manicured, English garden look of tightly shaped bushes and orderliness. Newer designs tend to produce a bit of a freer look to the garden to give the feeling of being in a remote area. Layering and careful plant selection can build a fuller, structural look for your gardens without it being totally wild and unkempt.

Modern colors schemes. Fashion is inspired by the garden and vice versa. This year’s popular colors are light colors over a back drop of darker colors. Yellows, silver, whites and yellows accent darker foliage of evergreen, charcoal, grays, and burgundy.

Softer, Muted Lighting.
 Exterior lighting is an awesome way to show off the architecture of your home and gardens, and create more outdoor entertainment area. WIth the advancements in lighting and bulb we see are able to strategically place lighting anywhere you a hardscape or landscape so it lights up the space in a more sublte way without blazing up the whole neighborhood.

Native Plants. With the growing movements in sustainability and eco-consciousness, landscape designers are working diligent to promote environment responsibility. Native plants are always a good choice for landscape designs because they support native insects and birds. These creatures are essential for supporting the larger ecosystem and warding off destructive invasive species that overwhelm predators.  

Let’s get planting. Have you been thinking about a fresh look for your home? We’d be happy to take a look at your yard and come up with some ideas to accomplish your goals.


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