The Tale of the Lost Keys

Flower Bed

There I was, holding a 35 pound little girl slumped over my right shoulder, my computer bag and phone in another, and barely grasping the kids’ backpack in my fingers.

My wife had a severe migraine headache and I offered to take the kids out to the movies to give her a break.

We got back late, around 10pm and the five year old had fallen asleep in the car.

I was hellbent on getting her in the house and up to her bed without waking her up.

As we walked down the dark sidewalk, I reached in my pocket to get the key to the back door. I got one finger around the keyring and pulled them out.

Only to immediately drop them into the flower bed near the azalea, out of sight. I immediately reached down to grab them but couldn’t feel them.

Despite my best efforts to whisper-yell at the older two to find the keys, it was too late. I’d woken her up, and boy was she excited to see mommy. I ended up back out there with a flashlight to find my keys, which were right there in the mulch.

That was several years ago, before I knew how useful landscape lighting is to busy adults. In fact, at this point it’s something I can’t imagine living without.

Apart from the ambiance and wow-factor they bring, it’s practical safety and security effects are priceless.

  • To find your phone, keys or wallet you dropped walking to the door
  • To have your walkway lit up so you or loved ones don’t trip and get injured
  • To know there’s nobody snooping around the yard

This is a perfect time to install outdoor lighting. Dry weather allows us to work efficiently and get these projects installed quickly.

And no – you will NOT see a jump in your electric bill with these efficient lights!

Make the investment. I’d be happy to meet you onsite and show you options for your goals, budget and landscape. Book an estimate today!

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