Signs of Poor Drainage in Your Yard

Signs of Poor Drainage in Your Yard

During rainy seasons, drainage problems in your yard become immediately obvious. Seeing ponding in your yard or submerged driveway are some of the first indicators, however there may be some other signs around your yard indicative of water issues.

Some of the most common issues can be solved quickly and easily – the key is choosing the right solution that will permanently address the problem. Here are a few signs you have poor drainage in your yard.

1. Topsoil floats when it rains. 

High velocity runoff will begin to move loose topsoil with it. That can be a result of one or two problems, poorly established lawn, or steep grades. You’ll see sediment of topsoil in areas it doesn’t belong – sidewalks, driveways, gutter drains and other low points in the yard. You may also notice small sink holes in the yard where the soil is not holding well. 

2. Erosion spots in your yard.

If you notice that in a hard rain, channels form in your yard, your lawn may start to experience erosion. This is a sign of a grading issue where the water concentrates in a few small points instead of the desired, less destructive “sheet flow” over a wider area. This becomes a major problem when erosion occurs around your home’s foundation, walkways, patios, or driveway. Erosion will eventually undermine the subgrade of these features, potentially causing collapse and causing serious, expensive problems to repair. 

3. Ponding around the home’s foundation.

If you have drainage problems around your home’s foundation, you need to address them immediately. This can be a problem with gutter drainage, lack of positive slope away from the home, poorly located downspouts, or another issue. Here are some signs of water drainage along your foundation.

  • Mud splashed up along your foundation or siding
  • Submerged downspout during rain events
  • Overflowing gutters during rain events
  • Moisture increase in your basement
  • Streaks, mold or peeling on your basement walls
  • Warping, or wet floors

4. Clogged yard drains.

It’s very easy for yard drains to get clogged and start to overflow and/or not function properly. Soil, natural organic material, leaves, and debris/trash can quickly build up and prevent drainage through these pipes. Occasionally, a pipe may become disconnected or a grate damaged which may prevent water intake. We can happily assess and repair these types of problems. 

Each property is unique and will require an individual walkthrough and careful assessment to identify these issues. We offer a vast array of solutions that will help solve these issues – flooding, pooling, erosion, or clogs. Our experienced team of experts is equipped with the technology and equipment to diagnose and repair these problems correctly the first time.

If you have any questions about drainage issues on your property, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk to you more about your drainage or landscaping needs and answer any technical questions you have. 

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