Plant Here, Plant Now

Plant Here, Plant Now

Maybe you haven’t given your yard the attention you wanted to this year.

That’s ok – I didn’t get to all the to-do list items for my yard complete either.

But I am now. Because right now is the best time of the year to plant.

Here’s why:

-Days are shorter, and the plants aren’t being scorched by the sun

-The ground has enough moisture for root systems to develop

-We have 6-8 weeks before there’s any risk of the ground freezing, plenty of time for plants to establish themselves

Plus: a layer of mulch provides an additional layer of protection from decreasing temperatures, brings nutrient deposition, and helps retain moisture

So if you have some bare spots in your yard, or need to replace/add some plants to your garden – this is the time to do it – along with plant cut-backs.

Fall favorites include:

-Butterfly weed
-Flowering Cabbage and Kale

Why not head into the Fall with your beds looking colorful, lush and maintained?

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