How to Weather Summer Storms

How to Weather Summer Storms

Here are the worse things about summer storms:

  • They hit fast and can ruin your kid’s baseball game in a hurry
  • They take down trees and knock out electricity so you can’t charge your phone
  • They flood your basement and cause thousands of dollars in damage, plus mold

I’m gonna touch on the third one, as I can’t do much about the first two!

Surface water is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to basement flooding. Often the most vulnerable place is at the lowest grade point along the foundation. However, other problems can flood your basement too – like:

  • Broken or disjointed downspouts that don’t carry water far enough away from the foundation
  • Poor drainage around a walkway or patio that traps water near the house
  • Flower beds that trap water near the foundation
  • Paving around the driveway that traps water or sends it toward the house

Sometimes the fix is easy, like installing a simple yard drain. And sometimes it’s a bit more complex, like regrading or building a stone swale to carry heavier volumes of runoff away from the home.

Either way, if you are concerned about your basement flooding, you should at least have us take a look at it and see what your options are.

A little bit of proactive work could save you from having a stressful headache (and maybe a huge repair bill) later down the road.

This is a great summertime project. It’s good work to do on dry days, and the grass comes back in quickly. Plus it might save you in time for the next 2’’ storm, or hurricane season.

Contact us today, we’ll send a designer to assess your property and provide recommendations!

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