How to Select the BEST Fall Plants

How to Select the BEST Fall Plants

Tired of the heat? Go ahead, start dreaming about the cool, crispy Fall.

For me, that means I’m thinking about plants that do well in September. Fall is a great time to add new plantings to fill in your landscape for a colorful season.

Want to know how we pick plants? Here are things to think about:

  • What is the purpose of this plant? Some purposes can include color diversity, edging, accent plants, and special plants (or ornamentals) to serve as the visual eye-catcher or centerpiece.
  • Where is the ideal location for this plant? Consider the environmental conditions ideal for the plant to thrive – ideal sun, partial sun, shaded area – and furthermore, how much space does this plant need to flourish.
  • How does this plant look with others? There will be plants that bloom together and look great. However, it’s nice to have some plants flowering when nothing else in the bed is. Certain groupings of plants create an ever-blooming look that shows some color no matter what week of the season it is.
  • Choose a variety of plants to build layers. Having a variety of plants (different heights, color, texture, shape) helps with creating horizontal and vertical interest. As the season progresses, different plants will bloom, turn leaf color or drop foliage for a changing look.

Some trendy fall options include: asters, violets, snapdragons, calendula, flowering cabbage and kale

So if you’re tired of the same old look you’ve always had – like the regular pansies and chrysanthemums everyone has – we’d be glad to help!

Start thinking about a color scheme or goals you’d like to have your landscape achieve. In many cases, we can do a photo-imposed design onsite for you to see what the design would look like once installed!

Schedule an appointment with one of our designers and we’d be glad to meet you and discuss your options for fall planting!

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