How to Avoid a Sloppy Yard This Winter

How to Avoid a Sloppy Yard This Winter

In just two more weeks, Fall will close out and we head into winter. We’ve had a bit more precipitation this year than average from the past five years.  

Maybe you’ve noticed some problematic wet spots in your yard but haven’t had a chance to tackle them yet. 

Here are some of the most common issues many customers bring up related to drainage:

  • Struggling grass that has a hard time growing and filling in due to excessive moisture 
  • Ponded areas holding a lot of water after a rain event 
  • Channelization – where water concentrates and rushes through your yard or driveway causing ruts and carrying away topsoil 
  • Wet or dirty foundations – water flowing back toward your house due to negative drainage from downspouts or flower beds 
  • Soil issues – if you have soil is highly clay material, water will not drain through the soil as well 

Good news, there are tons of solutions available to solve these types of issues in your yard. These options can include low profile yard drains, French drains, or more attractive river stone swales. We can create a customize a solution based on your situation and goals for your yard. 

If you have any concerns about the drainage around your foundation, contact us soon. Heavy snow accumulation and melt tends to compound those issues and can cause unnecessary water damage to your home. 

Before the winter gets here, have one of our landscape designers take a look at these problems and create a plan to correct them! 


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