How Plants Make You Happy

Fire Pit Installation (Gas vs. Wood)

A recent study on the psychological effects of plants on people determined that

  • The presence of plants enhanced the mood and sharpened the focus of the subjects
  • The larger the plants, the better the mood of the subjects
  • An increase in the number of plants reduced the feeling of boredom in participants

That’s why many hospitals put plants in the rooms of recovering patients. They make spaces more cheerful, pleasant and inviting.

They even found that “just having a clear view through the window of vegetation outside has proven to boost mood, combat depression and increase overall feelings of wellness.”

That’s pretty awesome.

The past couple months of quarantines and coronavirus concerns have been tough on people. And many are still spending the vast majority of their time at home to reduce risks of being exposed to and spreading the virus.

**To those who have been on the front lines working or fighting this virus, thank you. To those stay-homers who’ve been making every effort to limit your trips and do your part, thank you too.**

There’s one thing I’m especially equipped to do: help people create beautiful landscapes and hardscapes for their home they can enjoy.

Right now is the time to plant flowers. They can be colorful, different, exotic – anything you want. Many people are more adventurous this year than ever with their creative landscaping outlet. 

Now’s your chance to try something new and get a fresh look for your yard!

This is our busy season. Secure your free consultation with us. We create schematic visualizations of what a design would look like in your home. Customers love it!

Call or email me back today!

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