How Much Can Landscaping Increase my Home’s Value?

How Much Can Landscaping Increase my Home’s Value?

First impressions count – and your home is no exception!  Whether you’re looking to add curb appeal to your home or freshen things up with a new exterior design, landscaping can help make your home pop.  It can also add more than just outward beauty to your house – it can also add value to your home in the form of dollars and cents.  Landscaping is often the first indicator of how well a home is cared for, and those improvements can add up.

The number one thing that buyers are looking for in terms of a well-landscaped home is a thoughtful design, followed by plant size and maturity.  A landscape that is full of lush, mature plants indicates that the home has been carefully tended to over the years, which likely translates to the interior of the home as well.  A well-landscaped home can range from about 6-12% higher in value than a home without landscaping.  That translates to about $18,000-$36,000 more on a $300,000 home.  The Appraisal Institute (America’s biggest association of real estate appraisers) advises homeowners that “improving their property’s landscaping can result in a significant return on investment when selling the home.”

However, not ALL landscaping investments are created equal.  While it’s true that the bigger the design, the better the return on investment typically is, there are things that can also detract from your home’s value.  Here are some quick tips for things to either invest in or avoid when it comes to your landscape:

Lawn and Landscape Features that Increase Value:

  • A well-maintained lawn – a recent study estimates that lawn care service of about $268 adds about $1,200 in value — a 352% ROI.
  • Shrubs and trees – the mere presence of tall trees improves property values throughout a neighborhood by 3% to 15%, according to the University of Washington.
  • Lighting – buyers appreciate that a well-lit yard can provide a layer of security.
  • Mulch – Spending $340 on mulch recoups about 126%.
  • Automated irrigation system – many of today’s buyers love landscaping but don’t have the time or inclination to devote the time it traditionally takes to maintain it.
  • Professional landscape design – a professional landscape design will help your lawn climb beyond the competition in the market.

Lawn and Landscape Features that Decrease Value:

  • Outdoor water features – large water features could also be negatively affecting your property value by $2,500-$10,000.
  • Artificial grass – with a replacement cost averaging $3.50 per square foot, many buyers prefer to avoid it.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs – the return on pools is also quite low at 43%.
  • Unkempt garden – an untended garden can take off 1-2% from your asking price.
  • Sports courts – a specialized patch of concrete tends to have a very low, if any, ROI.
  • Broken fence panels/cracked walls – research has shown that broken fence panels or cracked walls can remove $1,000 from the value of your house.

You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to sell your home (or even refinance it) to be proactive about your home’s exterior.  A good landscape design takes planning, and a mature landscape design takes time.  You also want to have the time to enjoy your outdoor space with your family and friends!  Give our professionals a call today, and let us come up with a custom design that curb appeal and value to your home!

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