Gorgeous Walkway Design with Feng Shui Principles

Walkways vs. Pathways

Designers in landscape and interior design are familiar with the artistic concept of designing using “Feng Shui”, which is a Chinese word for promoting smooth, uninhibited, positive energy flow. The application is designing to harmonize individuals with their environment.

The key thought is fluidity. The visitor is drawn from one space to the next with ease.

Transitions should be smooth, with ideal placement of focal points, furniture and accented with complementary textures and colors.

This is important with designing walkways. Walkways tie one space to the next – doors to driveways, seating areas through gardens to porches, garages, pools and playgrounds.

This takes some thought, planning and conceptualization. Well placed walkways can pull together the whole yard for an aesthetically pleasing feature that serves you well.

Walkway Designs Elements

Feng shui design principles include:

  1. Open air concept. People move freely through open spaces as their eyes are drawn to the next interesting feature. The opposite would be a closed, contained space, overly cluttered and busy. This area would invoke feelings of overwhelm and messyness.
  2. Sit down and stay a while. Your yard is a place that’s welcoming and inviting – and nothing represents that more than a comfortable outdoor furniture for multiple people to sit down and enjoy the yard and each other’s company. Everyone in the family would have a seat – nobody would be excluded. (ideally with the convenience of a table, lighting and/or fire pit for warmth)
  3. Plan the space around a centerpiece. Certain small trees are perfect as the central focal point in your yard or garden. It can provide shade, color, texture, and defines where the rest of your items in your landscape will go. Popular small trees for this role include dogwood, crape myrtles, Japanese maple, weeping redbud, blue spruce and apple among many others.
  4. Incorporate the 5 elements. These are water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. Diverse accent pieces break up monotony, offer a creative outlet and add interest. Think bird baths, benches, fire pits, wall decor, pots/planters, trellis, bird feeders, and lamps. Key idea: Less is more.
  5. Curved lines and walkways. You rarely find straight lines in nature and the straight lines should be used in a limited way in your landscape.

Walkway Inspiration and Planning

It starts with some inspiration and idea. Set up an appointment with our experienced designers to offload your thoughts and vision. We will walk your property with you and help you identify your primary uses and goals so we can pick a layout, medium and features that will fit your whole family’s needs and serve you for the long term.

Even share with us inspirational photos you’ve found on Pinterest and magazines. We have the design capability to be able to graphically design options for you to be able to see what your final yard will look and feel like.

Connect with Chesapeake Landscapes to Begin Your Walkway Design

Chesapeake Landscapes designs and builds beautiful custom walkways, including mediums such as natural stone, pavers, flagstone and other mediums.  We serve Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties in Maryland. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a designer!

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