Focus Forward, Not Backward

Focus Forward, Not Backward

Look forward, but stay in the moment. – Dedra Davis

What. A. Year.
I heard someone say recently “That’s so 2020.”

And since it’s been so crazy, thoroughly impacting almost every part of our lives, we’re finding a lot of people really want to try to make the holidays special this year.

So many trips, parties, graduations, weddings, birthdays and special events were cancelled or massively scaled down. Lots of disappointment and loss. And adjustment after adjustment to work, school, and recreation.

You’re ready to move into the holiday season with a fresh sense of joy and hope – focused on the future, NOT the past.

And our family is all in on that idea too. We’re going to make this year really special for our family, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My wife has a lot planned to make things a bit more exciting for the kids.

If you’re of the same mindset, we’d like to help free up your time so you can focus on the important things in life – and enjoy this rich holiday season with less stress.

This is the time to do a fall-cleanup. That means we get your beds cleaned out, take care of pruning, leaves and mulching fo winter.

Then, you’re in a position to entertain guests and family without worrying about an overgrown, hairy yard.

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Reminder: We are offering pool-closing services!

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