Fall Clean-Up Routine

Fall Clean-Up Routine

Some of the most beneficial things that we can do for ourselves in life stem from establishing routines.  We have routines when it comes to exercise, house cleaning, self-care, the way we prepare for work and school – routine allows us to have control over how and when we do something, but also have control over the outcome of the routines themselves.  We are often less stressed as a result of these routines.  

Getting into a Fall clean-up routine for your exterior landscape area can have many of the same benefits!  It allows you to control the health and curb appeal of your yard, leading to less stress for you and for your landscape.

A Fall clean-up is the systematic collection and removal of any leaves, sticks, and debris littering your property because of the changing season, and preparation for the seasons to come.  Fall clean-up tasks can vary depending on specific needs, but there are some things that should typically be included:

  • Raking up leaves/leaf removal – this helps with photosynthesis and the continuing health of your turf by removing the leaves that block the sunlight from getting to your grass.  Leaves that stay too long on your lawn can also start to decompose and get matted down, leading to damage.
  • Weed control – weeds take away vital nutrients from your plants and grass, stunting their growth.  They also contribute to a nutrient imbalance in your soil.
  • Mulching – this reduces the amount of water that will evaporate from the soil, reducing the need to water your plants.  In the fall season, as it becomes drier, mulching will help retain rainwater that falls as well.
  • Fertilizer applications – this is a cost-effective way of improving soil structure and increasing the water retention abilities, as well as providing your existing plants/trees/grass with extra nutrients.
  • Pruning – this removes dead or dying branches or twigs, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property from damage.

There are also many benefits to a Fall clean-up – not only will your property immediately have better curb appeal, but it will be healthier.  Debris removal helps to avoid problems associated with leaf compaction and added acidity to the soil base, which can destroy your grass and lead to more weed activity.  Some spores associated with lawn debris can infect your soil and your shrubs year after year.

While many homeowners choose to take on these tasks by themselves, some of them can be quite difficult, overwhelming, or time-consuming.  Leaf removal and mulching seem like they are mundane tasks but hauling the leaves and mulch around can be a safety concern since it can be so physically tasking, and items like pruning can be dangerous if you are not a professional.  

Schedule an estimate today and have one of our landscape professionals assess your Fall clean-up needs!  They can get you on our clean-up schedule so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful outdoor space this fall.   

Serving Harford, Cecil and Baltimore Counties, Chesapeake Landscapes offers complete fall landscape maintenance services that rejuvenate your yard just in time for the holidays.

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