Curved or Linear Walkway?

Curved or Linear Walkway?

If you’re planning on installing a new walkway at your home, you’ll have to make this important decision if you’re planning on installing a new walkway in your yard. And the underlying question is, “What is the TONE of your gardens and landscape?” Let’s dig more into what we mean by that.

Curved Walkways

If the atmosphere of your garden could be characterized as casual, natural, wild, or informal, this is generally a good fit for a curved or serpentine walkway. It invites the visitor to walk on a journey, where the end is not necessarily obvious. It’s visually appealing by adding interest and mystery with discovering what’s around the bend. 

The plants in this type of garden are not necessarily overly-pruned or shaped. A variety of plants would be necessary to create different textures. Plants would be planted right along the edge of the path and would include effects such as groupings of plants, cascades and spilling of vegetation with a variety of colors and dimensions.

There’s not necessarily one single focal point. The eye is invited to wander and explore the layers in the garden, which is an effective way to make a small garden appear larger. With curves, you have to be careful not to overdo them so as not to encourage shortcuts in the garden.  

Linear Walkways

If your garden can be characterized by well-manicured vegetation, straight lines and right angles, it would be a good fit for linear walkways.  A more formal garden will include obvious repeating patterns and redundancy. It is in keeping with what you might find in a classic English garden, which would include elements such as shaped hedges, architecture, a structure, square stonework and a well-kept lawn.

This type of garden is likely to have a central focal point at the end of the walkway, such as a fountain, statue, gate, doorway or seating area. Your eye naturally looks toward the destination rather than wandering the plants themselves.

Plants are well-pruned and in groups of similar height. There is space for annuals which add color against the clear backdrop of an evergreen hedge. This type of garden is orderly, tamed, and gets a lot of attention to keep it looking this way. 

Whether you’d like a curved or linear walkway to complement your yard and home, there are a variety of mediums available to you which can fit both applications. Pavers, concrete, brick and flagstone are all popular for residential use. Pavers are one of the most cost-effective walkways because of their design flexibility, lifespan/durability and elegant aesthetic. 

Walkway lighting is another crucial element for providing the finishing touches for your walkway along with the practical helpfulness of this type of lighting. Low-energy, LED exterior lighting systems will make your walkway and gardens stand out and feel inviting once the sun goes down. 

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