Brad, You Saved My Sanity

Patio Design

One of the issues that have arisen with the coronavirus quarantines is that husband and wives are now living together in what feels like a shoebox. 
It’s both good and bad. It’s hard to adjust to, but it does force you to get to know your spouse better. And if you want to work on improving your relationships – that’s a good thing.

Brad, you saved my sanity. A hard-working father of 3 told me that recently after we finished his new patio. His wife needed a space to be able to get outside and decompress. So did he. 
They had furniture picked out before we even designed the patio.

They live on a wooded lot, so they have a lot of birds and wildlife frittering about their yard all day. Since they have been working from home, they’ve started a habit of eating breakfast together on the patio. No kids.

So breakfast together outside has turned into their morning date and game plan for the day.  His wife loves it too, as it gives her kids more space to play and work on their art.
Time outside. It’s good for the mind and the soul. 

Here’s a written Google review from one of our customers:

Chesapeake Landscapes is so easy to work with. They are extremely professional and keep communication open at all times. Our beautiful patio is amazing. The men did an great job! It is even more beautiful in person than we thought, when we designed it. We would highly recommend this company!

– Diane B.

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