5 Tactics for Winter Water Management

5 Tactics for Winter Water Management

January and February are the two big months for precipitation. The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a wetter winter than normal. 

A common problem that happens in the winter, is that the ground becomes saturated and never really dries out. With short days and dormant plants and trees, precipitation does not drain quickly, creating flood situations. So here are a few tips to prevent basement flooding during the winter: 

  • Check your sump pump regularly and especially before forecasted storm 
  • Make sure downspouts are connected properly and draining at least 20 feet from your home where the grade falls away from the house 
  • Look for and seal any cracks in the foundation of the house 
  • Review walk-out basement entrances to see if snow accumulation could result in water breaching the doorway 
  • Keep the 5 ft area around your home clear when shoveling/blowing snow  

And regularly check for signs of moisture, mold and mildew in your basement. The sooner these issues are spotted, the quicker and cheaper the fix.

Have drainage problem areas around your home?

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