4 Yard Plagues of Winter

4 Yard Plagues of Winter

Not happy with the way your yard is looking these days?  

You’re not alone – welcome to the final month of winter! 

After a few snow events like we’ve had lately, problems areas begin to arise. 

Salt Impacts – Salting sidewalks takes a toll on grass and plants nearby, AND erodes and chips the surface of the concrete. 

Plow Damage – The snow plow can inadvertently scrape off the grass along the edge of the driveway and parking areas as he’s clearing your driveway. 

Drainage Issues – Problematic wet spots (yard and hardscapes) become evident after snow has been sitting on your property for a few weeks. Be sure to note the last places that the snow melts after a storm – those are frequently places where water becomes trapped.  

Moles & Voles – Once the snow melts, you may see fresh tunnels burrowed through your lawn. Moles and voles are active in winter and attracted to moist soil, which can be found in wet or shaded areas in your lawn. These creatures eat the roots of your grass while they tunnel leaving massive dead spots.  

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your yard, we‘d be happy to review and assess problems. As a full-service landscaping company, there are not many problems we can’t handle ourselves!  
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