4 Patio Drainage Problems and How to Correct Them

4 Patio Drainage Problems and How to Correct Them

One issue we encounter at homes are hardscape features, such as patios, that have become problematic drainage issues. It’s frustrating for homeowners to worry every time it rains. And the risks associated with drainage include flooded basements, compromised foundations, mold and a myriad of water damages related to water breach. Designing a paver patio to ensure we’ve taken every rain and drainage factor into account to ensure the house is protected.  Here are some of the most common patio drainage problems we’ve seen.

Patio Drainage Problems

  1. Pitch the surface. Water always runs downhill. So we never install a hardscape surface completely flat, because the water will have nowhere to go. Instead, the appropriate practice is to pitch the surface at a 2% grade to drain away from the home or adjacent structure. The water can flow to the yard or to a drain, depending on the size and location of the patio. And, ensure this pitch is even for the entire build so there are no low points to pool water.
  2. Clogged drains. The three most common types of drains for a patio are French drains, channel drains, and floor drains. These can become clogged with debris, especially after a hard storm that stirs up sediment, mud, leaves and grass. Most of these issues can be handled manually by cleaning the grates with a broom or by hand.
  3. Roof drainage. Overtopped gutters and downspouts can also cause issues. Sometimes the gutters or downspouts become filled with leaves and overtop onto the patio. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Keep them clear and ensure the downspouts discharge roof drainage in a stable location far away from the patio.
  4. Poor design. Placing the drain in the incorrect location, or insufficient drainage is a far too common problem, found in amateur jobs. We must always account for the volume of rain and runoff from vertical (rain) and horizontal (cross-drainage, sheet flow) and ensure it has a direction. Obstacles like flower beds, stones, walls, firepits and other features need to be factored into the design.

Poor Draining Patios Become Dangerous

A hardscape feature like a patio or walkway that goes underwater every time it rains is of no service to you! And when winter weather arrives, it turns into a thick sheet of ice. This can be drastically reduced with correct drainage design. You can save your money on salt and save your back chipping away at dangerous iced-over surfaces.

If you’ve got a problem with the drainage of your patio, walkway, driveway, sidewalk, or even yard, we’d be glad to help. Our experienced designers and well-trained team work together to diagnose drainage issues, develop creative drainage solutions, and install drainage features that meet your needs. 

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