2022 Spring Landscape Cleanup

Spring Landscape Cleanup

One of the healthiest activities you can do for your landscape is a spring landscape clean up. Over the course of the year, a whole lot of weather and change happens, producing biological and chemical fluctuations in the profiles of your flower beds.  

  1. Debris build up. Organic debris tends to accumulate in your beds. Those leaves that were blowing around your yard last fall often get snagged in the vertical obstacles in flower beds. As those leaves accumulate, they decompose into the soil. As a rule of thumb, organic decomposition in flower beds is a good thing, but sometimes blankets of wet leaves harbor fungus that can be harmful to your plants. A more successful and neat-looking option is to clean out all the stray matter and to place a clean layer of dark mulch.
  2. Trimming and Cutbacks. Some plants can be trimmed back in the late winter and early spring, such as many shrubs, perennials, and evergreen trees. If we’ve received a lot of ice and snow in a season, it can cause twigs and branches to break. It’s always good to cut back any broken ones so they can heal properly and produce buds. Always consult with a knowledgeable landscaper and plant specialist to know which plants can be cut back and at what time during the season. Cutting back the wrong plants can remove last year’s buds and prevent blooming.
  3. Edging. It’s hard to beat the sharp bed edges that a professional landscaper can create. A deep edge defines the lawn from the bed space and creates a new level of curb appeal from high-end maintenance homeowners love.
  4. Mulching. This is probably the most transformative exercise you can do for a bed. Mulching is so helpful for a variety of reasons. It introduces decomposing matter to the soils of the bed which help balance the pH and introduces essential nutrients and minerals that enhance the health of the soil. It also acts as a great moisture retainer when we go through those hot, dry months with less rainfall. Mulch also creates a temperature barrier that prevents the hot sun from drying out the soil, and the cold temperatures from freezing the roots of your plants. It reduces the germination and spread of weeds, as it’s more difficult for them to invade a well-mulched flower bed. Plus, it looks fantastic when it’s all complete. 

We recommend a spring and fall cleanup to keep your plants and soil healthy, well maintained and your yard looking its best. 

Our landscape experts at Chesapeake Landscape service Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County.  We offer a full range of landscape, hardscape, and mowing services to our customer base. We have an excellent reputation and are highly rated on Google. 

We prioritize customers on a first-come, first-serve basis, and recommend you sign up for spring cleanup and mulch services as early as possible to reduce wait time. We are heading into our busiest time of year and encourage you to contact us today to grab your spot on the schedule for Spring Maintenance.  

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